Your VIP Service

You deserve the best and we strive to well exceed your expectations with our VIP Service.  After careful study and testing we have focused in on 3 areas where you will find Inspire Suits a seriously different company and experience.


You will be in good hands with our concierge service and single point of contact.  We have three options we are rolling out. First our VIP service in select areas where we will come to you for our custom measurement and fit process. Second our in-store locations where you can be measured. Third and coming soon our measure yourself approach to measurement so that we can reach more people. With all approaches and when dealing with Inspire Suits you will have a dedicated person assigned to provide you with our VIP service.  


We have fine tuned our measurement and fit process to provide a much better crafted garment for you.  We source high quality fabrics for your selection and manage all the details.  We remove any concern or risk to you as we will just make it right.


Along with measurement, fit, and quality, we are serious about building connections. We are here to help you do great things and with all great things great people are needed.  Through Inspire Suits we are building a network of change makers and making the connections.

We want you in our Inspire Suits. Contact us today to make things happen.